Technology has a greater impact and transformed ‘ARCHITECTS’ and ‘ARCHITECTURE’ to the higher level. Whether you are in field, office, college, site or working from home all you need is these apps .

“Choosing a right technology and apps may enrich your knowledge and strength which can give an additional confidence to pursue more in your profession”….


Part 1


Image courtesy of Vincent Callebaut Architectures

Architects: Vincent Callebaut Architectures

International Design Architect: Vincent Callebaut Architectures, SARL Paris

Local Architect: LKP Design, Taipei

Area: 4233534.0 m2

Project: Year; 2017

Structural Engineer: King Le Chang & Associates, Taipei

Local MEP Engineering: Sine &Associates, Taipei

Green Consultant: Enertek, Taipei

Green Certification: U.S…

“Architecture is supposed to complete nature. Great architecture makes nature more beautiful- it gives its power”

-Claudio Silvestrin

As an architect we will have our own style, philosophies, creativity, process, ideas and views related to the field of architecture. My blog i.e.,archism_world …

The legend of vastu shastra:

The ancient Indian text Mayamata, written thousands of years ago, describes Vastu Shastra — the science of ancient Indian architecture. Hindu mythology explains the history of how it all started.
In the beginning, Brahma, the creator of the Universe, experimented with the creation of a new creature. He created a large…

Approaching the concept or evolving the ideas plays a major and prominent role in any field of design. Establishing and Developing a concept into the design is an essential and crucial step in any design project …… but its a skill that few people really takes time to explore and…



I believe every architects has their own unique design process and knowledge . And if you are at the beginning of the process find your comfort space for evolving and developing your design .However some may start their projects based on “FORM – FOLLOWS-FUNCTION” and…


An architect.

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